Construction to Maintenance Handoff (December 2019)

A web forum was held for state Departments of Transportation (DOT) stormwater practitioners to discuss the process of handing off stormwater projects from Construction to Maintenance to promote surface water quality protection. Following is a summary of the main points discussed by each of the presenters.

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Recent Webinars

Strategies for Addressing Impaired Waters and Achieving Project Delivery, Regulatory Compliance, and Watershed Management Goals (May 2019)

The web forum, held for Department of Transportation (DOT) stormwater practitioners, covered the organizational attributes that are key to promoting surface water quality protection, including insights into the practice of these attributes, and the integration of stormwater program requirements into day-to-day business practices of the DOT organization.

DOT Stormwater BMP Maintenance and Operations (October 2018)

This web forum for Departments of Transportation (DOT) stormwater practitioners discussed DOT stormwater BMP maintenance and operations that promote surface water quality protection.

Efficient, Effective, Innovative BMPs (May 2018)

This webinar discussed innovative best management practices for state DOT stormwater programs. The webinar covers innovative linear BMPs that fit well in transportation corridors, the importance of infiltration and current research to support use of roadway embankments as a BMP, winter storm management BMPs and technologies, measuring winter storm BMP performance, and addressing total maximum daily load and regulatory issues. The webinar also addresses open graded friction course (OGFC) as a BMP and performance and uses of OGFC.

AASHTO Resources

Stormwater Construction Field Guide

This guide is a quick reference for inspectors and resident engineers in construction on topics related to installation, maintenance, and inspection of common BMPs. Using this guide helps departments of transportation (DOTs) stay in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations for improving stormwater quality and provides guidance where local publications may currently be lacking.

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Stormwater Maintenance Field Guide

The intent of this guide is to be a quick reference for maintenance staff on topics related to BMP inspection and common operational practices. Good housekeeping and other pollution source control measures are presented. Using the tips in this guide will help in complying with federal and state regulations for stormwater quality. It will also help achieve a greater level of environmental stewardship. This guide is not a design manual or a substitute for a pollution prevention plan.

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Connecting the DOTs through Collaboration in Stormwater Management

This white paper discusses U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA or EPA) stormwater updates, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting trends and new permit activities, information about DOT audits conducted by the states or U.S. EPA, stormwater asset management programs, contemporary post-construction stormwater controls, effectively focused construction stormwater management, and using a watershed approach to stormwater management.

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Stormwater & Transportation

Our transportation systems must be equipped to deal with stormwater in a functional and equitable way.

We dive deep into Stormwater issues and best practices for dealing with stormwater compliance in transportation planning.

Community of Practice

The Stormwater Management CoP is a forum where State Department of Transportation (DOT) practitioners can engage in facilitated discussions on emerging issues, research data needs, and innovative stormwater quality compliance solutions.