Each agreement has been surveyed to provide in depth information on its development and use.

PAL is the Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO library of programmatic agreements. Programmatic agreements, and versions thereof (concurrence letters and the like) are variations of a programmatic model that accomplishes one main goal: projects that meet the conditions stipulated may be processed efficiently according to agreed-upon procedures, typically reducing the number of steps and time required for review and approval.

Programmatic agreements have been developed over the years by State Departments of Transportation and/or FHWA in partnership with resource agencies to streamline compliance with federal environmental laws (e.g., the National Environmental Policy Act – Categorical Exclusion, the Endangered Species Act, and the National Historic Preservation Act). Successful programmatic agreements are those where the state DOT has demonstrated the capacity and capability through their procedures and staff competencies.

PAL is a central library, which is an organized, accessible, and “one-stop-shop” of agreements that include examples of executed programmatic agreements; summarizes agreement information; contains a link to the full agreement; and provides on-going access for practitioners to research agreements that meet specific requirements. Each agreement presented has been surveyed to provide in depth information on its development and use.

Anyone can view the agreements in PAL and all are welcome to submit additional programmatic agreements for inclusion. Once you have submitted an agreement to be added to the library, you will be contacted to participate in a telephone survey prior to including your agreement in the library. Use the filters to find agreements relevant to you or the search function if you are looking for something specific.


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