2015 Traffic Noise Practitioners Summit

This event brought together noise practitioners from states throughout the country, as well as staff from AASHTO and FHWA, to discuss emerging topics of interest in the field and define a roadmap for the future of noise programs and research.

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Traffic Noise & Transportation

Understanding and addressing traffic noise impacts is a key challenge for transportation agencies and planners.

We dive deep into how transportation professionals can address and mitigate Traffic Noise in all transportation projects.

External Links

Highway Traffic and Construction Noise – Regulation and Guidance. This webpage covers FHWA’s regulations under 23 CFR 772, Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise, and provides links to guidance on highway traffic noise and noise prediction and measurement.

FHWA Construction Noise resources including, including Construction Noise HandbookRoadway Construction Noise Model – RCNMHighway Construction Noise – Measurement, Prediction, and Mitigation

Measurement of Highway-Related Noise

FHWA resources on noise barriers:

Noise Compatible Planning Webpage 

NCHRP 791: Supplemental Guidance on the Application of FHWA’s Traffic Noise Model (TNM) (2014)

NCHRP 25-25, Task 40 – New Noise Barrier Products & Noise Barrier Approval Research & Guidelines (2008): Final Report
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