Current Sustainability Efforts Across State DOTs

In May 2021, AASHTO’s Sustainability Working Group hosted a webinar focused on sustainability efforts currently under way across state departments of transportation. The event highlighted results from a national survey conducted by the Working Group. The survey gathered feedback from state DOTs on core elements of their work on sustainability, including programs, practices, funding, and staffing.

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Benefits of Transportation: Telling America’s Transportation and Environment Story

In an effort to increase public awareness about the many environmentally beneficial activities underway at each state DOT, the Center for Environmental Excellence embarked on an exploration of the methods currently in place to communicate with the public about those activities. The result is a report that outlines strategies for reframing and increasing the reach of state DOTs’ messaging about all of the work that improves quality of life in their states.
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An Action Plan to Integrate Plug-in Electric Vehicles with the U.S. Electrical Grid

A plan for coordinating public and private sector action to accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) nationwide is presented in a March 2012 report produced by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) and the Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO.
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Above and Beyond: The Environmental and Social Contributions of America’s Highway Programs

This report demonstrates the numerous ways transportation agencies are increasingly going “above and beyond” to connect and enhance both communities and the environment to make things better than before, not because it is required, but because it is the right thing to do.
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Taking the High Road Report

While considerable attention has been focused on environmental impacts that may result from transportation, little has been said about the multitude of environmental and societal benefits that do result from transportation. This report chronicles these important benefits with examples from across the country.
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Leaner Greener Report

The Leaner Greener report showcases the efforts that transportation agencies — including DOTs, MPOs, and transit providers — are undertaking to speed up project delivery and cut costs while protecting and event improving environmental resources.
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Sustainability & Transportation

Sustainability plays a key role in transportation planning and execution.

We dive deep into Sustainability best practices for dealing with growth and transportation expansion.

External Links

Sustainable Highways Initiative Website

INVEST Sustainability Rating Tool: identifies characteristics of sustainable highways and provides information and techniques to help agencies and organizations integrate sustainability best practices into highway and other roadway projects.