On December 16, 2014, the Center for Environmental Excellence hosted a national peer exchange on transportation and public health to facilitate dialog around the growing interest in health at state departments of transportation (DOTs). In attendance were 25 state DOT practitioners from 12 states representing the AASHTO Standing Committees on Environment, Planning, Public Transportation, and Highway Transport Safety.

Although the primary purpose of the peer exchange was to lay the foundation for future conversations among AASHTO Committees, it also provided value to the participants by allowing the opportunity to share experiences across planning, environment, public transportation, and safety in support of public health. The outcome of the Transportation and Public Health Peer Exchange was a list of key findings along with specific activities to advance consideration of this topic. Participants were united in their interest in moving forward – to address the issues, answer the questions, and show how public health matters to transportation professionals.

All of the presentations from the peer-exchange, as well as the final White Paper, can be found below:

White Paper: Transportation and Public Health Peer Exchange: Summary and Key Findings (February 2015)

Peer Exchange Agenda

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Joyce Brenner, Engineering Management Fellow, AASHTO
Victoria Martinez, Federal Highway Administration
Beverly Bowen, ICF International

Consideration of Public Health in AASHTO Standing Committees / Functional Areas

Kevin Walsh, Director of Environmental Services, Massachusetts DOT, Standing Committee on Environment
Jessie Jones, Transportation Planning and Policy Division Head, Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety
Marilee Mortensen, Senior Environmental Planner, Caltrans, Standing Committee on Planning
David Harris, Transit Bureau Chief, New Mexico Department of Transportation, Standing Committee on Public Transportation

What Have DOTs Learned About Institutionalizing Public Health in Plans, Policies, and Programs?

Clinton Bench, Deputy Executive Director, Department of Planning, Massachusetts DOT
Philip Schaffner, Policy Planning Director, Minnesota DOT
Jerri Bohard, Transportation Development Division Administrator, Oregon DOT

Breakout Group Presentations on Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies – Part I

Health Impact Assessment
Kevin Walsh, Director of Environmental Services, Massachusetts DOT
Faisal Hameed, Deputy Chief Engineer, District of Columbia DOT

Public Health in Long Range Planning
Katy Braden, Community Transportation Planner, Tennessee DOT

Public Health in Project Development
Nicolle Kord, Community Impact Specialist, Texas DOT
Aspen Price, Community Impact Specialist, North Carolina DOT

Breakout Group Presentations on Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies – Part II

Strategic Highway Safety Plan and Toward Zero Deaths
Kim Lariviere, Strategic Highway Safety Engineer, Michigan DOT
Kristine Hernandez, Toward Zero Deaths Program Coordinator, Minnesota DOT

Active Transportation and Air Quality
Stephanie Dock, Research Program Specialist, District of Columbia DOT
Gina Moran, Office Chief, Environmental Management Office, California DOT

How Long Range Planning and Project Planning can Collaborate on Public Health Issues
Beverly Bowen, ICF International

Moving Forward – How Do We Continue to Build on the Success Identified?

Michael Savonis, ICF International (Moderator)

Wrap-up and Closing Remarks

Joyce Brenner, Engineering Management Fellow, AASHTO


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