Man with a beard standing in the forest.

The latest episode of the Environmental Technical Assistance Program or ETAP podcast digs into the innovative stormwater management practices of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

[Above photo of Tony Bush via WSDOT]

The ETAP podcast – a technical service program for state departments of transportation provided by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials – explores a wide array of environmental topics that affect transportation and infrastructure programs.

In this episode, Tony Bush (above) – stormwater branch manager for WSDOT – explains how the agency historically managed stormwater runoff from a safety and road preservation perspective and how it then later built in environmental stewardship and regulatory practices to support that stewardship into its processes.

Bush also goes into a current WSDOT research effort regarding the environmental impact of a contaminant called 6PPd-quinone from old vehicle tires and how that contaminant might affect salmon populations. To listen to this episode of the ETAP podcast, click here.