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A webinar series sponsored by Smart Growth America is examining virtual public engagement practices for community outreach, examining a range of online platforms, as well as email and social media, as means of public involvement on projects and programs.

The group is holding three webinars on the subject, the first of which was held on April 28 and is now available via recording. The next two webinars are in June and cover:

  • Tools & Techniques for Virtual Community Engagement: To be held June 2, speakers will take a deeper dive into the latest techniques and tools being used to conduct virtual engagement.
  • Equitable Inclusion in Virtual Community Engagement: To be held June 16, it will feature a discussion among top equity experts to understand the considerations that must be when conducting virtual community engagement.

“Online engagement might not be the best platform for every community to engage every citizen on every topic,” Smart Growth America noted. “But necessity is often the mother of invention and the need to stay home has exposed inequities and fostered innovations that have started many community leaders thinking about new and better ways to achieve wider and more meaningful representation in public decision-making.” For more information, registration, and recordings, click here.