This webinar emphasizes the experience that DOTs have gained regarding the design, operation and maintenance of BMPs to meet increasingly more stringent and pollutant specific permit requirements. The webinar highlights the increasing permitting requirements, the availability and use of several NCHRP reports intended to assist DOTs in the selection and design of BMPs to meet water quality goals for new projects, as well as retrofits and actual DOT experiences and methods for meeting permit requirements.

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Presented by:

G. Scott McGowen, P.E., Chief Environmental Engineer, California Department of Transportation

Eric Strecker, P.E., Principal, Geosyntec Consultants

Le Nguyen, P.E., Hydraulics Engineer, Washington State Department of Transportation

Michael Barrett, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, University of Texas

Peter Mattejat, P.E., NPDES Coordinator, Maryland Transportation Authority

Webinar first conducted June 7, 2012 by AASHTO, in cooperation with FHWA and FTA.