Analysis of Property Value Impacts of Transportation Projects

Focus Area

Land Use


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Research Idea Scope

TERI Database Administrator Notes:  Not recommended at present time by 2009 Air Quality Subcommittee. 


Highway and rail projects inevitably affect property values. Increased accessibility will increase the number of customers that can reach commercial area and increase property values. On the other hand, nuisance effects (noise, congestion, pollution, etc.) may decrease property values. Analysis of such impacts is a component of social and economic impact analysis as required by NEPA.
What is the Specific Problem or Issue?
Without a clear synthesis and rigorous evaluation, it is difficult to predict the impacts of various types of transportation facilities on property values.
List Research Objectives and Tasks:
Collect existing case studies and statistics that categorize property value impacts of transportation projects by mode and type of facility (various cross-sections, greenways) and/or surrounding land use (residential vs. commercial, typical suburban vs. neotraditional, etc.). Collect best practice methods for evaluating property value impacts of transportation projects.
What Would be the Product(s) of Research?
A manual for public involvement officers and right-of-way officials, to share with property and business owners.
How Will You or Others Use the Product(s)?
To increase awareness about the effects of transportation-related projects. Help make coordinated landuse/economic development decisions with local leaders and planning commissions. Provide citizens with information about how transportation decisions affect their life and their community.

Urgency and Payoff

How Will the Product Benefit the Department?
(e.g., increase operational efficiency, decrease costs, enhance safety, etc. Indicate short term and/or long term benefit). Improve decision-making capabilities. Improve coordination between NCDOT and local agencies.

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