Assessment of Fuel Cell Vehicle Societal Benefits

Focus Area



Air Quality







Research Idea Scope

The goal of this study is to make a solid case for public support for fuel cell vehicles and the needed fueling infrastructure. The objective is to develop a collective and unbiased understanding of the benefits associated with the successful commercialization of fuel cell vehicles in the mass market. The successful commercialization of fuel cell vehicles will most likely require significant public assistance. Public support will be critical in the near-term although near-term societal benefits are few. The case for fuel cell vehicles appears to indicate long-term societal benefits-decreased use of fossil fuels and nondomestic fuel sources, improvements in urban air quality, reduced sources of groundwater and open water contamination, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and other societal benefits. Identifying and characterizing these benefits will enhance public support for the near-term public investment needed.

Urgency and Payoff

2013 Notes:  AQ Subcommittee and Jen Brickett approved this idea to be archived.  Idea very broadly worded and there is a new body of research that has been done on topic since 2009.

Suggested By

ADC80, Alternative Transportation Fuels Committee, as specified in the TRB Research Needs Data Base, 2009. Source Info: ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH NEEDS CONFERENCE 2002 TRANSPORTATION ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH NEEDS STATEMENTS