Cultural Resource/Environmental Commitment Compliance During Construction

Focus Area

Historic Preservation/Cultural Resources








Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

• Tied to communication across all the disciplines during project development and construction.
• Section 106 is not static piece within the project delivery process, it needs to be done throughout the process—we need to advocate for coming back to it repeatedly.
• Inadvertent discovery plan best practices? Project-level PA that anticipated various scenarios.
• Use of monitoring plans to track through construction.
• Are there contracting SOPs and specs that can be in place to enforce the revisiting Section 106?
• How do we enforce compliance?
• How do we ensure that between NEPA clearance and construction let dates, people are still thinking about CRM/Section 106 effects?

Topic developed by TRB AME60 Committee

Urgency and Payoff

Opportunity to enhance and develop standard practices and implementation methods for meeting cultural resource (and other environmental) commitments during construction, to ensure successful compliance and limit risk to project’s cost, scope and schedule.

Suggested By

Helen Blackmore

[email protected]