Evaluate And Extend The Florida Efficient Transportation Decision-Making Process (Streamlining) For Use In Other States

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TERI Administrator Note (January 2009): Related Research

SHRP2 Project C01: Improving collaborative decision making and the process for selecting solutions to capacity problems. Projected completion date 2/27/09.


Most transportation/environmental analyses and approvals are paper-based operations.
Consequently, most analyses fail to capitalize on modern information technologies for analysis,
tracking, and communication for effective transportation environmental solutions. Similarly,
communications with other stakeholders are constrained by the ability to move and evaluate
information. In addition, the current system lacks accountability and transparency. The Florida
Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) system seems to have solved many of these
problems and should thus be evaluated, improved, and extended for potential application in other

The proposed research will be conducted in two phases:

Phase I. Organize a team of experts and potential stakeholders including DOT’s, environmental
agencies, researchers, and citizen groups to

– Identify and evaluate the principle components (including data, applications development,
hardware, personnel, interagency procedures, and agreements, etc.) of the Florida ETDM
– Identify and evaluate potential extensions of the model for improving its utility.
– Develop recommendations for implementation in other states, including costs.

Phase II. Based on the recommendations from Phase I, pilot and implement the system in a
number of states.

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