Geophysical Investigation of Cemeteries

Focus Area

Historic Preservation/Cultural Resources


Community & Cultural Concerns






2-3 years

Research Idea Scope

A comprehensive study of the geophysical investigations of cemeteries using case studies (n=50) and interviews with experience practitioners to determine best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of these investigations. Analysis should focus on field techniques: number and type of instruments, data collection methodology, data density, etc. Analysis should also focus on geophysical data processing techniques. This study, along with results and recommendations should be presented on an on-line website..

Urgency and Payoff

Cemeteries are a common resource type encountered during road projects. Many historic cemeteries contain unmarked graves and therefore their boundaries can be difficult to determine. Due to the sensitive nature of cemeteries, non-intrusive geophysical investigations are often the preferred method of investigation. This study would provide best practices for the geophysical investigation of cemeteries that DOTs could use in their in-house programs or as a guide for writing Scopes of Work for consultants.

Suggested By

James Pomfret GDOT 4046311256

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