Impacts of Highway Noise on Migratory Birds

Focus Area

Wildlife & Ecosystems


Natural Resources






2-3 years

Research Idea Scope

TERI Database Administrator Notes.  Not recommended at present time by 2009 Natural Systems Subcommittee.  Subcommitee recommended funding ID#456, which addresses similar issues.

This would be a follow-up to research on the responses of nesting migratory birds to new highway noise. TIme frame:  total 5 years.  The project is currently underway and has been funded by Utah DOT as mitigation for the Legacy parkway project.  At the current time, most information on impacts of highway noise on migratory birds is based on research in the Netherlands.  Their data needs to be validated and further assessed for North American species with current technology.  Base line information is being collected.  Funding will not be sufficient to continue the research project for a sufficient time frame and at the needed scope of work to make a valid assessment of responses of migratory birds to new highway noise, especially during nesting activity.  Two additional years of funding is needed at approximately 150,000 dollars per year. 

Urgency and Payoff

To more accurately assess the impacts of highway noise on migratory bird distribution, habitat use, and nesting.

Suggested By

Paul A. Garrett, FHWA/HEPN, Telephone: 720-963-3071

[email protected]