Implementation of Cultural Resource Commitments

Focus Area

Historic Preservation/Cultural Resources


Community & Cultural Concerns




Under $99k


Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

TERI Administrator Note (June 2007): Funded as NCHRP Project 25-25, Task 41
Project completion date: November 2008

Using the 2002/2003 FHWA domestic scan on environmental commitments and AASHTO’s subsequent survey, follow up with states involved in these surveys, along with states that did not participate, to identify best practices for tracking implementation of cultural resource commitments, particularly those in Section 106 MOAs.

A study should be conducted to determine how these commitments are tracked during construction, operation, and maintenance, what enforcement tools are being used to ensure implementation, and what penalties are applied for improper implementation or non-implementation. the study should also identify how states assess the successfulness of the commitments.

Urgency and Payoff

Publication of the results of the study and the lessons learned will assist states in improving their environmental commitments performance, which will benefit historic preservation and build trust with the historic preservation community and the general public.

Suggested By

Bill Hauser, AASHTO Sub-committee on Community and Cultural Concerns, 603 271 3226

[email protected]