Integrating advance mitigation with regional planning

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Research Idea Scope

Regional advanced mitigation planning (RAMP) has been promoted by DOT/FHWA and others and several projects have been conducted. However, for a RAMP supporting an LRTP to be successful, it must be integrated with land use and conservation planning occurring over the region to retain future mitigation sites. This project would investigate any case studies of successfully implementing this approach and develop best practices addressing socio-political issues, technical approaches, and implementation. The project could be extended to developing one or more pilots over a multi-year timeframe for a much larger budget.

Urgency and Payoff

Mitigation of transportation projects represents a very large proportion of the transportation investment. Simultaneously, the ability to further regional development is dependent upon the ability to mitigation transportation projects. Linking land use and conservation planning to retain sites identified in advance mitigation plans can help ensure the ability to efficiently achieve economic development objectives and reduce mitigation costs.

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