Plan for Peer Exchange on Environmental Stewardship Practices in Construction and Maintenance

Focus Area

Construction and Maintenance Practices


Environmental Process, Natural Resources




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Research Idea Scope


TERI Database Administrator Notes.  Not recommended at present time by 2009 Natural Systems Subcommittee.

This project will facilitate state DOT peer exchanges using the current volume of The Compendium of Environmental Stewardship Practices, Procedures and Policies in Construction and Maintenance to allow states to share successful practices and learn from one another. 

The proposed project entails identifying states to participate in the peer exchanges, conducting the peer exchanges and reporting on the results of the peer exchanges. The peer exchange format would utilize interactive discussions by implementing small personal and specific discussion groups.  These discussion groups will utilize real-life situations, projects, problems, and solutions. The peer exchanges would consist of a collaborative group of practitioners from one state to collectively determine how best to implement Compendium practices in their state based on another state’s experiences. The exchanges would promote interaction between employees to solve potential roadblocks in using Compendium practices early in the process. Suggested participants include representatives from the environmental, design, construction, and maintenance disciplines.   

Urgency and Payoff

Each peer exchange would result in a report to the Steering Committee on the peer exchange process, lessons learned and any recommendations for revising the process for future exchanges.

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