Roadside Seed Mixtures and Successful Seeding Practices

Focus Area

Invasive Species/Vegetation Management


Natural Resources






1-2 years

Research Idea Scope

This research would establish seed mixtures that primarily include native, indigenous grasses and other fauna for use on roadsides.  This would included site and soil preparation, seeding and establishment procedures, and mowing or burning processes for long term maintenance.

Urgency and Payoff

In an era where mowing the roadside fescue is getting more expensive with the rise in petroleum prices and where air and water quality continue to gain importance, changing the roadside maintenance practices can lead to significant, positive, changes.  However, to make this happen, state DOTs can not simply let things grow wild.  The use of these native plants can help control runoff, filtering water contaminated by roadside materials in the process.  These seed mixtures and establishment practices can aid roadside managers in an area where many are not typically trained.

Suggested By

Brent A. Sweger, KYTC

[email protected]