Understanding the implications of reduced roadside mowing for driver safety and public perception

Focus Area

Environmental Management Systems


Natural Resources






2-3 years

Research Idea Scope

Transportation agency managers have expressed concern that reduced mowing practices, such as those that benefit pollinators, may increase vehicle collisions with large mammals like deer, thereby reducing driver safety. Though there is research on this topic that indicates that collisions do not increase and reduced mowing does not compromise driver safety, it is limited in scope and geography. It would be useful to design a multi-state study to address this question. Additionally, it would be helpful to conduct a stakeholder engagement analysis could help transportation agencies to better understand how the public views reduced mowing schemes to inform future public relations and messaging about reduced mowing practices.

Urgency and Payoff

With a number of transportation agencies faced with the need to reduce roadside mowing due to budget cuts or as conservation practices to support wildlife such as pollinators, it is important to know more about the potential impacts of reduced mowing practices on driver safety and on public perception.

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Jennifer Hopwood

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