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In partnership with the Federal Highway Administration, the Center for Environmental Excellence at AASHTO held a Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS)/Context Sensitive Design (CSD) and resilient transportation projects virtual peer exchange on March 24, 2022.

The approximately two-hour Virtual Peer Exchange was used to share information on how CSS and resilience considerations, especially related to changing climate, mutually support project design goals. The peer exchange facilitated an environment for networking and information sharing among DOTs on CSS and resilient project design. The meeting was built upon FHWA-sponsored CSS technical assistance meetings and 2017 peer exchanges on Leveraging CSS/Design for Sustainable Transportation and Resilient Project Design. State DOT examples of how CSS/resilient project design concepts have been jointly applied will be presented and assessed for success factors and the use of CSS concepts for project guidance. Best practice discussions ranged from design practices to stakeholder participation. Participants were provided an opportunity to discuss their agency projects where a collaborative application of CSS and resilient design practices could lead to a more resilient and context sensitive project design.

Summary Report

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