Strategies for Addressing Impaired Waters and Achieving Project Delivery, Regulatory Compliance, and Watershed Management Goals (May 2019)

The web forum, held for Department of Transportation (DOT) stormwater practitioners, covered the organizational attributes that are key to promoting surface water quality protection, including insights into the practice of these attributes, and the integration of stormwater program requirements into day-to-day business practices of the DOT organization.

Efficient, Effective, Innovative BMPs (May 2018)

This webinar discussed innovative best management practices for state DOT stormwater programs. The webinar covers innovative linear BMPs that fit well in transportation corridors, the importance of infiltration and current research to support use of roadway embankments as a BMP, winter storm management BMPs and technologies, measuring winter storm BMP performance, and addressing total maximum daily load and regulatory issues. The webinar also addresses open graded friction course (OGFC) as a BMP and performance and uses of OGFC.

Stormwater Program Organizational Structure (March 2016)

To keep up with ever-increasing state and federal regulations on stormwater management, state departments of transportation (DOTs) are shaking up their stormwater management programs to make them more effective at curbing pollutants in stormwater runoff. This was the topic of a March 17 web forum held by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Stormwater and DOT Construction Projects (January 2016)

A web forum was held for Departments of Transportation (DOT) stormwater practitioners to discuss the lessons learned, and process improvements for temporary construction BMP practices and administrative processes regarding DOT construction projects. This was the second of three planned web forums on topics that are relevant to the implementation of DOT NPDES Programs.